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Joe Noel, PT

"As a PT I know my industry is divided when it comes to software. Vericle unites us because it focuses on what helps us spend time with patients, not on software. Get up and running quickly and without hassles. I love it!"

Eldad De Medonsa, PhD

"I'm a data man. If you can't back up your claims with numbers and facts, I don't want to waste my time. Vericle is all stats, every which way, and with them, I am able to make strategic decisions for my clients that has reduced A/Rs below 20 days across specialties!"

Steve Peyroux, DC

"I've been through more systems than I care to say in my tenure and none of them have the power Vericle does. Not only have they built us our own white-labeled software that we offer to our clients, but it also comes with our unique approach to building multi-million dollar practices.” 


Hate wasting time on hold with insurance companies? How about the ridiculous amount of time that could have been spent helping patients understand their balances or even simply helping them around the office. Being present and part of the community! Vericle allows in-house billing staff to become problem solvers and managers by refocusing them on practice-wide issues instead of claim by claim follow up. More staff with more patient face time means a stronger community.


Tired of post-it notes, lost emails, missed phone calls, and overall frustration between patients, staff, and management? Vericle is designed to eliminate this entirely by not only automating every single task and assigning it by department or staff member, but even opens tasks based on events, so you don't even have to remember Day 0, Day 1, Day 2 visits and beyond!


Everyone else wants to make bells and whistles that end up increasing your time on the computer. Our focus is on spending less time on software and more time caring for your patients while maintaining maximum compliance. Less than 5 seconds on your daily notes. GUARANTEED.


Why on earth did that software build that feature? It sounds annoying, but it happens when software engineers don't get what practice owners and their staff need. We bring our teams to the ground level so that every new feature is based on a user request and is aligned with our vision for building dream practices.