Your business success is our passion!  

Wall Street Financial and Telecommunication executives, experienced practice owners, and Artificial Intelligence experts lead teams of software technology, medical billing, and practice management professionals to build workflow management software to create the perfect customer experience: help more patients, collect more in less time, or grow your franchise.  

The Perfect Customer Experience

The Workflow Management Difference 

Workflow Management Difference

Help your customers increase revenues, improve compliance, and gain extra time with state-of-the-art workflow management system.  


Design your business processes and optimize them for the perfect client experience.  Train your clients to use the same workflow tools to design the best patient experience.


Empower every staff member get their job done.


Trigger tasks automatically and remain connected to relevant data.


Enable task transparency and accountability across your entire enterprise.

Medical Billing Networks and Processes
 chiropractic billing
Mission Critical Systems Management

5 Artificial Intelligence and Computer Security patents.


3 published books on workflow automation and Straight Through Processing (STP) of massive transaction volumes in various industries, such as healthcare and Wall Street.


Focus on implementation - we use our own software for our billing services, which we run like a franchise, complete with uniform processes, shared resources, and single control.