Medical Billing Business Enterprise Management Software

"Most of our customers have documented great improvement in five areas, including bottom line, patient loyalty and referrals, compliant SOAP notes, management overhead, and efficient administration. We selected Vericle for its functionality, product quality, ease-of-use, support, and workflow management. The result is an exceptionally rapid growth of our medical billing business."

Dr. Eldad De-Medonsa, President

Billing Dynamix, LLC


Timely detection of all delays and underpayments, independent of their size.  Aggressive, consistent, transparent, and accountable follow up.  Vericle's medical billing software pioneered Straight Through Billing (STB) and Billing Transparency. STB automates the majority of the claim flow and focuses the billing follow-up specialists to exceptions only. The process flags problems, routes them for follow up, and enables online correction and resubmission. Billing Transparency provides 24x7 Internet browser-based observability of the entire process and each individual claim, including payment status, identified errors, and actions performed on the claim.


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Create your own templates for SOAP notes, alerts, and notifications, or use standard software features for 

+ Real–time audit of claims and payments

+ CMS-1500 (HCFA)

+ UB-04

+ Real-time multi-dimensional reporting

+ Supervised and transparent write-offs