Offshore Medical Billing Business and Medical Billing Software companies integrate their services with Vericle

I am the CEO of a medical billing business and revenue cycle management company. My team has been working with Vericle medical billing software for more than 5 years. Apart from this software, my team also works with over a dozen other practice management software. From our experience, we have found that there is no match to Vericle. It is such a powerful medical billing software, with excellent reporting tools, real time - easy to generate reports, and one of the best claims tracking mechanism. It tells you exactly where a claim is in its life cycle, it is easy to use and very customizable.

This software lets you track the financial performance of your practice and at the same time helps you track the performance of your employees by providing informative real time reports. It has an amazing dashboard and at one glance, you can understand where the AR is, what should be the focus area of your practice to recover the AR and increase the payment. It also gives amazing trends. I have seen that each medical billing software has its own strengths but when it comes to Vericle; it has somehow managed to pick-up the best of each software and club it in one powerful software, which makes it great.

Kumar Shwetabh, Chief Executive Officer at Pacific Global Inc
New Delhi, India

“I definitely find myself in a great position to recommend Vericle as Medical Billing Software as I've been working on Vericle since the past 6 years and have had immaculate results both in relation to the client satisfaction and collection wise. Vericle is damn easy to adapt to and is very user friendly. So yea ... would recommend to all Billers out there ... and to the providers as well to make the most use of such a great software.”

Sonia Dhawan, Co -Owner at Bikham Information Technology
Chandigarh Area, India

I've been using this system for over 5yrs and find this most suitable for any size of business. It links the practices & Billing team so efficiently that one can forget tools like email, telephone or fax. Excellent web based interface with highly secured network. Extraordinary reporting functionality. Ticketing system to correspond with all stake holders. Ensure 100% clean claim submission. Negligible down time. I would strongly recommend Vericle for billing companies and practices.

Narayanan Subramanian, CEO at Aura BPO Services
Chennai Area, India