Medical billing business

powered by Vericle

grows faster and

demonstrates better profitability 

“The Vericle's medical billing software allows my practice to be integrated in the medical billing and coding process from “in house”. It’s very user friendly and allows my practice in real time to troubleshoot underperforming areas before things get out of control.


The practice has the flexibility to view all aspects of revenue cycle management, from patient volume insurance mix to charge, payments and adjustments, to the aging of your accounts receivable, and more.


Having accurate data at your fingertips, “the pulse of the practice”, promotes informed decision making, which in turn helps lead to better patient care and financial health of the practice.

Each of the medical billing businesses listed above uses Vericle's medical billing software not only for revenue cycle management for their clients, but also for their customer relationship management, including client appointment scheduling, appointment documentation in a SOAP note, and "billing" for it.  In short, medical billing business managers use Vericle to manage their customer relationships the same way as providers use Vericle to manage their patient relationships. The result is that Vericle undergoes a continuous improvement process. Every account manager and every billing team member are experts in using Vericle software, always available to help. "Eating our own dog-food" results in outstanding customer loyalty and comments such as below. 

"We’ve designed an exclusive CBP documentation suite to allow full integration with CBP’s existing business modules from Drs. Haas, CBP technique treatment procedures, and x-ray (PostureRay) and Posture analysis (PostureScreen Mobile) software. There is simply nothing else like it in today’s EHR market!

Because we’ve chosen the Genesis Chiropractic Software for our offices, we are confident you should do the same.”  

chiropractic biophysics billing

Michael Lewko, MD

Owner at NJ Arthritis and Osteoporosis Center

Dr. Deed E. Harrison, President / CEO

Chiropractic BioPhysics