Promote your medical billing business to prospects and clients using animated concept illustrations 

Kayla Harrison won the first US Olympic Gold in Judo in 2012 Olympics. Dr. Matt McAlees, her chiropractor, uses Billing Precision, one of the revenue cycle management companies powered by Vericle. That's how Vericle helps providers find time to pursue their dreams.  

Your medical billing or practice coaching business grows when your clients grow.  Your clients grow when their patients make referrals.

Medical Billing Network Effect

Looking at the landscape of the medical practice management, we see a playing field tipped to benefit the payers and hurt physicians. By increasing billing costs, underpaying claims and conducting a growing number of post-payment audits, insurance companies strive to keep profits high while depressing those of individual practice owners. To counteract these methods, healthcare providers need to streamline their medical billing business practices and take advantage of modern medical  billing software and networks. 

Office Workflow and Teamwork Management

Get through your outstanding Accounts Receivable faster and get paid more. Accounts Receivable reporting is great for follow up, except when there's too much of it. Vericle's medical billing business workbench automatically identifies your important claims and separates them out from everything else, so you can focus on what really matters.

Ultra Rapid SOAP Notes

Visit documentation is a major compliance requirement. A practice owner that neglects or postpones visit documentation risks failing post-payment insurance audits and severe penalties, including license suspension and heavy fines.

What's the best way to stay compliant, see more patients, and reduce your documentation time?

Patient Loyalty and Relationship Management

Do you feel let down when patients miss appointments? Are you worried about interrupted flow of patient care, impeded clinic productivity, and eroding patient loyalty? The rate of no-shows runs at thirty percent for the average healthcare office. Modern medical billing software includes an intelligent scheduler that tracks missed visits and alerts about patient balances helps restore patient loyalty and increase practice revenue.

Integrated Office Systems - Part I - Medical Billing Software and Scheduling

To improve practice profitability, reduce no-shows, and increase referrals, Dr. Peter needs office automation. He discovers that not every kind of automation solves his problems. Learn from Dr. Peter's mistakes.

Integrated Office Systems - Part II - Scheduling, Documentation, and Medical Billing Business

To improve practice profitability, reduce no-shows, and increase referrals, Dr. Peter needs office automation. He discovers that only integrated solution meets his needs. Learn how to avoid expensive mistakes by using Vericle technology.