You focus on Franchise Management and Growth.


We provide all the rest: workflow software, consistency, branding, uniform patient experience, billing, and compliant documentation.

Franchise-level control




  • Workflow consistency across all franchisees

  • Real-time discovery of exceptions

  • Integrated Point of sale, inventory control, ecommerce

  • Professional billing of all franchisees - optional billing service including claim followup.  This can be done across all franchisees or for a subset.

Franchise-level growth and scalability
  • Franchise transparency and accountability

  • Proprietary branding

  • Proprietary software for franchise members and candidates

  • Continuous patient experience improvement across all franchisees

Uniform patient experience across all franchisees
  • Efficient sharing of best practices using rules engine

  • Rich set of integrated products

  • New feature development

  • Connectivity and security