Yuval Lirov, PhD


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Yuval has co-founded several companies to help independent practice owners treat more patients and grow their practices faster. He authored three books and 53 referred publications on using Internet in healthcare and financial services. Yuval was also awarded 17 patents in artificial intelligence and computer security. He is a graduate of the Technion and Washington University in St. Louis.

Erez Lirov


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Erez has been an entrepreneur and software technology inventor since his college days in Princeton University, which he graduated with honors in 1999. Erez has co-founded several Billing Service and Practice Profitability companies, all built on Vericle. He was awarded 4 patents for his inventions associated with Vericle's technology and data security domain.

Reuven Lirov, MA


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Working in healthcare since he was a teenager, he has become one of the most trusted and valued resources in the country. Having worked for practices in almost every administrative capacity as well as coaching over 300 practice owners and their staff, Reuven brings a unique perspective and understanding of the tools and processes that best help our practices grow.  Like the rest of his family, Reuven understands that trust and integrity are critical to building a thriving network of mutually beneficial relationships.

Roy Lirov, MD

Chief Medical Officer

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As a practicing surgeon, Roy Lirov, MD, has focused his life on patient care and maximizing positive patient outcomes. In joining the Affinity team, he is responsible for ensuring that our technology and services are all geared directly towards what matters most: maximizing patient time for clinicians. In a world where it seems EHR and technology has decreased patient face-time; Dr. Roy Lirov's mission is to combat this on behalf of all physicians of all specialties around the world.