Medical Billing Business Agreement Summary

We must emphasize two key aspects of our agreement:


  • We have NO long term contractual commitment - both parties may cancel it anytime for any reason. No complaints, no hard feelings.

  • We are ONLY interested in long-term relationships based on mutual respect of our core values. So as long as we work together, we both must comply with our commitments and our core values.

What we provide to you:


Full Access to Vericle System  
  • Availability to all employees and subcontractors authorized by you 

  • Scheduling, documentation, billing, workflow management, and reporting 

  • Back up your patient data 

Training - Vericle is a very large system spanning the entire scope of practice management.  You receive

  • Full access to our entire cloud based training repository

  • Regularly scheduled live Q&A help sessions

Billing Service 
  • Submit claims on your behalf

  • Follow up on your unpaid and underpaid claims

  • Open workflow tickets to your staff notifying them of claims requiring additional information

  • Post payments to your Vericle account 

Optional Services  - Only available after completing Integration. Most of these services require extra fee

  • Prepare and send statements directly to your patients

  • Forward patient collections information to a 3rd party collection agency on clients request

  • Enter or transfer patient demographic information into your Vericle account

  • Optional integrated 3rd party services

  • Patient education

  • Credit card processing

  • Patient reminder calls

  • Dictation and transcription

  • Collection services

Invoicing and service fee collection 
  • We invoice you based on Vericle records monthly at the end of the month

What you will do:
Credentialing and Enrollments  
  • we do not do credentialing

  • we help you do enrollments

  • 99.9% of our customers complete training within the first month

  • We have seen untrained users have lower profitability due to slower billing and an inefficient use of their own resources

Data Entry and Access
  • Schedule patients, check in, document, and bill using the Vericle platform.

  • Supply all data necessary for successful claim submission using the Vericle platform

  • Verify batch data submission

  • Give access to all insurance payer websites

  • Use ERA when available 

  • Enter manual EOB payments 

Vericle System Workbench 
Use of the Vericle’s ticketing system is required for all communications between your practice and our organization.  Emails and voicemails prevent tracking, counting, changing status or priority, reassignment, follow up, rescheduling, audit, and rating.  ONLY tickets provide us all of these benefits.  Tickets and daily backlog management are the only way we can build teamwork and control quality. We are unable to serve and succeed with clients who fail to work daily their workbench and bring their backlogs to zero on a daily basis

Bank Reconciliation 
You must reconcile your bank account periodically with Vericle records.  Because payers often send (intentionally) EOBs and ERAs separately from payments, Vericle may reflect different amounts than your bank account.  Discrepancies add unnecessary stress to our relationship as we invoice you based on Vericle’s records

Medical Coding 
You will code yourself. Although the Vericle platform does provide tools to help discover coding rule violations, we do not provide coding services because that would create a conflict of interest.

Creating the absolute best user experience possible depends on the feedback we receive from clients such as yourself. Our goal is to only work with clients that share our vision for building a better system. Therefore we not only value your feedback but require it. As a result by signing this contract you will agree to:

  • For your convenience, we offer monthly meetings with your Coach or SPOC 

  • Ticket ratings


Disclaimers and Limitations of Liability


Our services and systems depend on multiple 3rd party systems outside of our control, such as Internet service providers, Oracle, LINUX operating systems, etc. As a result, we are unable to guarantee systems availability beyond the guarantees of these outside 3rd party vendors.