Your medical billing business customers use Patient Education software to revolutionize their communications with patients

3D animations, integrated with your EMR and medical billing software, result in improved patient compliance, better outcomes, and more patient referrals.

“The common denominator in all successful practices is a practitioner who can translate information for patients in a way they understand and retain,” says Dr. Travis McDonough, CEO of 3DRX.

“A poor patient experience leads to poor retention,” he adds. “It leads to a ridiculously low adherence to the rehab or treatment plan, so the patient doesn't get better and doesn't come back. The number-one reason for that is a disconnect between what the patient is told and what they retain,” McDonough says. 

"With better understanding, through the use of videos explaining treatments in 3D, the results are outstanding,” he says. “We've seen improved adherence to the treatment plan and rehab, and a 30- percent reduction in patient cancellations.”

medical billing business software chiropractic patient relationship management
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medical billing business software chiropractic patient relationship management

3DRX provides medical animations for world leading medical publishing companies such as Elsevier and McGraw Hill. The animations are created using the same technology that produced many of the special effects in recent Hollywood blockbusters such as Spiderman, Star Wars, and The Lord of the Rings. The level of complexity and attention paid to detail to make each animation is truly remarkable.  The human models and textures were created based on the measurements and study of actual cadavers at the University of Utah Medical Center.

Current statistics show that patients retain less than 7% of information that has been delivered to them through traditional methods of communication- text and verbiage. Our extremely detailed and accurate 3D Animations and technology platform allow practitioners to deliver a message without a complicated wrapping paper and prevent patient bamboozlement and confusion. Due to the understanding of their condition patients are more likely willing and able to adhere to a treatment, rehabilitation plan and informed consent.

3DRX provides medical animations for world leading medical publishing companies such as Elsevier and McGraw Hill.

3DRX currently boasts the World’s largest library of 3D Medical Animations in the Physical Medicine Industry with over 400 incredibly detailed, anatomically accurate and highly visual videos. All of the Rehabilitation video produced to date has been done so in collaboration with many of North America’s top rehabilitators and physical medicine specialists.

3DRX is patient education software designed to communicate the Conditions & Rehabilitation to the patients in office and in the convenience of their own home. Detailed reports outlining the patient’s conditions and rehabilitation can be sent to the patients email with a single click. It is easy to use and proven to increase patient acceptance of treatment. Not only do patients accept their own treatment, they are more likely to share their great experience with others as well.