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“I reviewed more than thirty different medical billing software packages until I discovered Affinity Billing. At the time, it was the only medical billing software package that addressed the entire gamut of my practice needs. I have recently reviewed the medical billing software market again. It expanded considerably over the past several years, and I was surprised and pleased to learn that Affinity Billing is still the best package for my practice needs.”

Gregory Ribitzky, DDS, Owner​

Ribitzky Clinic

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Medical billing is an exciting field to be getting involved with over the next few years. Medical doctors, hospitals, and other health care providers need medical billing businesses to help keep their offices running and their paperwork under control. Most are so busy keeping up with patients and basic administration that working with the medical billing aspect is just not feasible.

Medical Billing and the Affordable Care Act “ObamaCare”

Many within the field are predicting that under the Affordable Care Act, often referred to as ObamaCare, the need for medical billing professionals is going to increase. The main reason for this is going to be the increase of people with insurance and therefore regularly visiting doctors. The increase in patients will mean an increase in billing that needs to be done. According to Patrick Phillips, the CEO and founder of American Business Systems, “their [the doctor’s] staff will be inundated by the extra paperwork that will be involved in processing the claims for all these people.…therefore there will be more people who are visiting the doctor of course and that means there is going to be more claims to process.”

The Importance of Enterprise Management Software

When professionals are looking to either establish or expand their medical billing businesses, however they need to find competent and useful enterprise management software. This software will be the overarching program that runs the medical billing business. It will be the key system that keeps track of records, businesses, coding specifications, help with communication with clients, and more. Enterprise management software helps to support the business processes and the staff. It helps guide and inspire teamwork among the members of the staff and helps to keep track of customer relationships. The software helps to keep medical billing businesses growing and profitable, which is important with the expected growth over the next several years.

What Makes Enterprise Management Software Valuable?

There are four main criteria that companies looking to find useful enterprise management software should investigate. The first is quality. The software should be able meet the predetermined needs of the business. The business managers should know what their revenue, sales, and profit goals are and quality software will help make sure they are met. The second area to investigate is functionality. The software should be able to do what the company needs, such as scheduling, client education, client relationship tracking, billing, reporting, data mining, workflow management, and trigger automation. Thirdly, the program should be easy to use. The user interface should be intuitive and training and assistance should be readily available. Finally, there should be user support to help make sure the program is customized to fit the needs of the client.

Enterprise management software is a valuable investment for any medical billing practice. As the governing system for the company, it helps everything to run smoothly, efficiently, and stay in line with the stated goals. Finding a worthwhile software program can help bring any company to the next level.