Medical Billing Business Enterprise Management Software

Medical Billing Business Practice Management Software

Vericle software covers every function required in your medical billing business and your client's office:


Processed 22,000,000 claims
nearing $1 Billion in insurance payments

Vericle offers two cloud-based products, namely, an ONC-certified practice management and medical billing software, both implemented on a single technology platform. By joining a Vericle® billing network, the provider gains state-of-the-art billing knowledge base coupled with rapid SOAP note system, complete with a patient relationship management system.


Your billing company or your coaching service receive a comprehensive business management system, complete with customer relationship management, quality assurance, and numerous customization options for proprietary SOAP notes and alerts. The billing company and the coaching service using Vericle gain a unique advantage because of sharing the same technology platform with their customers.​


Rich Functionality

Vericle is an ONC-certified enterprise management software, which helps your medical billing business reach its goals, manage billing service, and provide all key practice management functions, from workflow management to patient scheduling to SOAP notes to billing to reporting, drill in, etc.

High Quality

We consider quality in two ways: First, we make sure that our service meets precisely your medical business needs. Second, we enable a continuous and transparent quality assurance process.

Solid User Support

Our User Support organization is responsible for product customization and enhancement to keep up with industry changes, with your practice growth, and with technology progress.​ You also get an online access to live Help and billing SWAT teams.

Fantastic Ease of Use

Vericle is built to be used as  self-explanatory software, fortified with extensive built-in Help functionality along with Live Help sessions, and numerous user feedback collection opportunities.​

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Comprehensive cloud-based All-in-One Practice Management Solution and medical billing software system, including unique Workflow Management, Scheduling, EMR, Billing, practice growth coaching, credit card processing, collections, patient visit reminders, transcription, patient education, and posture analysis on mobile devices.




Touch-screen user interface, claims scrubbing, submission, secondary and tertiary claims submission, payment posting, and patient statements, centralized resources and economies of scale shared across hundreds of providers, is just a partial list of features available in our medical billing software system.

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Vericle has animated patient education accessible directly from its SOAP screen. Physicians and therapists can show their patients a colorful video about specific bone, ligament, or muscle, as they document the patient encounter and plan their exercises in Vericle.