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Dr. Matt McAlees, a Maximized Living chiropractor, is proud of Marti Malloy, who won Olympic Bronze in Judo (57kg) in 2012 London Olympics: “Marti is amazing!” Dr. Matt uses the Vericle system and Billing Precision services to manage his office workflow, patient flow, cash flow, and regulatory compliance. Since Vericle is ONC-certified, he also qualifies for the Meaningful Use HIT Stimulus. 

Shel Hart, President of Maximized Living, says, “I am proud of our Judo team, our London successes, and our chiropractors who treat our team USA. We selected Vericle and Billing Precision because of their ability to implement our unique healthcare delivery methodology, complete with custom alerts, rapid SOAP notes, and effective billing procedures. Most importantly, Vericle enables connectivity and easy, secure access to the athletes’ medical information.”


The answer to all the questions below is YES!

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