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Vericle Receives 3rd US Patent

Display screen with graphical user interface for medical billing workflow management

Issued Sep 17, 2019   USD860239S1

This is the 3rd US design patent for Vericle.  The earlier two were for the Display screen with graphical user interface for practice workflow management and Computer Screen with Practice Health Monitor and Radar Graphical User Interface.

Getting a patent is an onerous process.  Having them means not only that the company has a very bright, talented, and inventive team but also that it is willing to invest in protecting its intellectual property.  Which means focus, scalability, and reliability - some of the most important qualities that our clients are looking for:

- FOCUS - full scope, including all aspects of practice management software AND billing service

- SCALABILITY - more practices using Vericle expect higher software standards and increased benefits from the Network Effect

- RELIABILITY - the company investing in protecting its IP has solid long-term growth plans. Clients can rely on us.

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