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We began receiving leads within a single day! We assumed like most advertising publications, we would have to spend up to six months or more waiting for the audience to become accustomed to our brand. We were so surprised by the quick response that we had to scramble our team and of course subscribed for the annual discount.

Mark Herring, VP Marketing at Proximiti

Advertise To Over 900 Offices and Their Staff. Real Time.

Millions of Impressions. Proven Conversions.

Customer Service Rep


Achieve Your Goals

The most important factor for advertising is being where your customers are, but most people forget that almost everybody ignores standard forms of advertising. Think about it: When was the last time you leafed through advertisements in a magazine or paid attention to the ads on the internet?

Computer Store


Expert Guidance

Our goal is to create an opportunity to connect with our users that gets your message across in one picture. This gives them a quick idea about who you are and how you can help. They can then click directly into your content to learn more when they are ready.

Startup Development Team


Grow Your Business

We wanted to balance clinic productivity with new ways to grow AND avoid those cluttering, "in-the-way" ads that upset people. We also wanted to make sure that ad placement was singular and rotating, so that clinics had multiple opportunities per day to engage with you.

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